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How carpool works?

Carpooling is two or more people sharing the ride, usually using their vehicles on rotational basis. By carpooling to work, not only can you reduce the stress of fighting traffic everyday, but you can save a fair amount of money every year on car maintenance, wear and tear, and fueling.

To make car pool work, there are certain requisites that must be fulfilled such as one of the member must have a car. All the members of pool must have a common destination otherwise car pool cannot be formed. All the interested persons should agree on following points to successfully form a carpool:

  • Departure and destination point.

  • How many people you’re planning to travel with based on the car size.

  • Personal preferences such as smoking, music, preferred gender to travel

  • Number of traveling days

If the interested member agrees on all these points then a successful car pool can be made operational.

Keep the following aspects in mind while forming a carpool:

Be chivalrous to other members during the ride.

This might seem to be statement of an apparent statement, but it is surprisingly quite forgettable when members get to know each other well. This includes small things like not rolling down your window after someone has complained of being cold, or keeping your cell phone conversations quiet and brief. Smoking is amongst the most questionable issue during a travel. Issues like these may seem very minor, but ignoring them can make even a short drive unpleasant for others.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Each and every member of the car pool should have each others contact information. One should always inform other members about any sudden change in the plan or not joining the pool any day. If you’re going to be later than usual, they’ll need to know as soon as possible in order plan accordingly.

Drive responsibly.

When you’re driving, be thoughtful of your passengers. Drive smoothly and at a moderate speed, keeping their safety and comfort in mind. If you typically speed up to stop signs and brake at the last possible instant-don’t. Follow the road safety rules with precision and avoid rash driving. Passengers who are white-knuckled when they leave your vehicle aren’t likely to stay carpool members for long.

Be respectful of other members’ vehicles.

When riding in another person’s vehicle, be respectful of his or her wishes about things like eating, drinking, and smoking. If you spill something, clean it up. If you damage the vehicle-for example, if you dent the door by hitting it on a curb-offer to have it repaired.

If all participants keep these suggestions in mind, it will go a long way toward crafting the arrangement into a smooth commute-not only financially beneficial, but also more enjoyable for everyone.

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