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How Cab pool works?

Cab pool services, in India, is arrangement where travelers traveling to the same destination hire a cab from a car rental service provider. The vehicle used for traveling is not owned by the passengers but by some other person. The total expense incurred is shared in a way which is mutually beneficial to all the members.

Suppose you live in location A in Noida and your office is situated at location B in Gurgaon. If you travel by your own conveyance then it would take almost a 1.5 hour long and gruesome drive through the dense traffic. If you opt for public transport then also there is no surety that your journey will be a comfortable one.

So what you can do is find a group of people who share the same travel route as you do and avail the use of cab pool services operating in Delhi NCR region. You hire a cab from a car rental service provider and decide on a set of common rules which would assist the execution of this cab pool. Some of the rules could be as follows:-

  • Decide on whether the cab will pick each individual from their home or will there be a common meeting place where all the members assemble and start the journey. Also decide on whether there will be a common drop point or each individual will be dropped at their respective place.
  • In case the office timings of members differ slightly, decide on a common time.
  • Decide on the cost sharing method among members. There should be no ambiguity in any members mind.
  • Decide on whether there could by any unscheduled stops or not in between the journey.
  • Mutually decide on any other point which you consider would affect the cab pool service.

Now that all the points have been agreed upon, you can go ahead and enjoy this concept of cab pool services as it is going to benefit you and others in a lot of ways. Your monthly expenditure is going to be minimized to a large extent. Distances in the Delhi NCR region are ever increasing and so is the traffic on the roads. Driving is becoming a hassle and the stress level among commuters is increasing. Availing cab pool services in Delhi NCR region is a good idea for all those commuters who live far away from their workplace and are not comfortable with using their own conveyance in the dense traffic.

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