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Car Pooling Idea!

Car pool in India is an arrangement where commuters living nearby and traveling to the same destination share a car. The passengers pooling the car use the private car of a pool member. The passengers share the rental and pay the amount to the owner of the car. The practice of car pooling is gaining fast popularity because it is a cost effective method, especially for commuters who have to travel long distances regularly. This method is also useful for individuals who do not have proper access to other private or public means of transportations.

Cab pool in India, on the other hand, is an arrangement where travelers traveling to the same destination hire a cab from a car rental service provider and share the car rental. The vehicle used for traveling is not owned by the passengers but by some other person. This method also helps to cut down the traveling cost when a number of individuals plan to travel to the same destination.

Cab pool in India is popular because people who travel to near by places in big groups, generally prefer to pool a cab rather than traveling in public transports. Cab pooling not only saves money but also helps to reach the destination on time. It provides flexibility to the travelers to take breaks whenever and wherever required, during a long journey.


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