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Cab Pool Etiquette

Cab pool services in Delhi NCR region is a win win strategy for all, but since it is a social activity involving a group of other individuals it is important to have a proper understanding of the guidelines each member has to follow while availing this facility.

Following are some of the points which all the members could discuss together and reach a common conclusion before starting the cab pool :-

Cost sharing:- It is important to reach to a conclusion on how the total cost will be split among all the members. In case of a cab pool, if the owner agrees on a monthly payment cycle then it becomes easier to split the total cost. Otherwise it should be completely clear on who will pay when. Conclusion on other smaller costs like toll-cost, parking cost of the cab, etc should also be reached. It is important that a neutral decision is taken which benefits all members equally and not any single individual.

  • Basic rules:- Some basic issues like smoking, eating, loud music, etc should be sorted out beforehand. It is not considered good etiquette if you bring up a controversial topic while in the cab or make lengthy phone conversations. You should respect the privacy of each member.
  • Waiting time:- Since a cab pool services involves a group of people who have to reach their destination on time, it is imperative that no single individual causes a delay. So decide on how long will the cab wait for each individual. If you are getting late then make a phone call to any member informing them of your plan.
  • Plan B:- You should always have a backup plan in case the driver falls sick or the car breaks down. You can consult among yourself and tell the cab owner to have a backup driver and car ready all the time so that there is no delay in your journey.
  • pickup and drop points:- It is important to decide on each persons pickup and drop point and convey it accurately to the cab driver and each member. This would ensure timely execution of the cab pool services.

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